Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tonight I'm tired. Really, every night I'm tired but tonight I'm wiped , pooped, fried,toast,cooked... The first two had to do with toileting and the last three, food. Guess what I do with my time? It's funny....but I know a lot of moms like me. I have had the  privilege of talking to other moms with special needs kids, mom's with a house full of teenagers, moms with new little ones, moms who have lost their little ones, or big ones. It seems that for all of the different challenges, joys and sorrows each one faces, there is a common thread that weaves through all of our lives. We are moms. We have probably been used as a human napkin (or nakbin as my daughter Ariel says). We have had  stretches of interrupted sleep, bathroom time, phone time, husband time, "me" time-ha! We have held disgusting things in our hands and NOT thrown up. We have worried, cried, prayed, cried some more, celebrated, grieved,fought,stood our ground, and.... fall into bed exhausted.
So.... as I am laying here typing, suddenly I am not thinking anymore about how tired I am. I am tired because I'm mom. I've been ref-ing,stamping out fires, slinging hash, checking blood sugar, mixing up Miralax. Loving. That would poop anyone out. And see, we're back to the toileting....
 Sleep well, mamas everywhere. Tomorrow's on the way.

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