Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last night was crazy!!! Our son appears at our door in the middle of the night. Somehow I sense him before he speaks. He says...."I'm 30." I shout at my husband and fly out of bed. Not easy, since I have arthritis. I am once again surprised at the effectiveness of adrenaline.
His best friend is staying overnight and he appears to be taking it all in with wide eyes and a stiff, nearby hovering stance. My son is eat raw hotdogs .Lots of them. I get him to drink juice. He wants to walk around. He wants to lie down on the floor.I tell him he can't lie on the floor or close his eyes. I want to scream. I'm tired and terrified at the same time. I hold myself together... actually God does that as I keep setting the timer to recheck to see if his blood sugar is climbing. It does.
We finally all go to bed and set the alarm for one hour. My husband gets up this time. He has gone low again. Milk and another alarm setting. He levels out and then we pass out. My daughter manages to sleep through the whole thing.Another thank you God moment. She has Sensory Processing disorder and this would be a hard thing for her to deal with.
I find out in the morning that my son was laying down to go to sleep as he was crashing. For whatever reason, maybe boys being boys, my son's buddy smacked his face, rousing him and then causing him to realize he was low. Then he checked and saw "30". 30!!!!!!!!! 
Stevie, I am grateful to you. Your" thirteen year old boys's will be boys, sleep- over face smack" probably saved Abe's life. For every time I have scolded you for horsing around at bedtime, I take it back. Thank you for messing around.

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