Thursday, April 5, 2012


This nest, feathered and warm, is your home, your safe haven.
From it, you can see for miles…. mountains, valleys and endless blue sky.
Here you find rest, safety, food and fellowship. And here is where you find your wings.

For if I let you stay, you will never soar. You will never feel the wind lift you or revel in the glorious dive toward earth. If I let you stay, you will not meet your potential. You will exist frozen in time and in heart.

But if I let you go, I will soar with you as you skim lakes and push to rise over tall mountains.
If I let you go, I go with you, though I stay. I’ll watch you until I can see you no more and then I’ll wait…. remembering when you were small and helpless.
Now you are free. And so am I.
                                                            By tmw for abe


  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful heart. I feel like this about my child also. Keeping him safe while he is home, but looking for the time when he will need to be let go.

  2. This is the work of that talented lyricist I remember. Beautiful.