Monday, April 9, 2012

My house is quiet. I am thinking of my kids and remembering them as little people. I remember the constant expressions of love.... The sloppy wet kisses, proposals of marriage, the smell of them after a bath, their delighted laughter, and being the queen of their hearts. I am glad for these memories. They sustain me as I now live in Fledgling, Indepedence. If you've gone back packing, you know how amazing food tastes when you finally quit for the day. Top Ramen never tasted so delicious. Salami and Babybels are fine dining....That is how it seems for me now. The little moments that I probably failed to completely cherish in the moment with my kids are my treats to devour now. So when I see a little one looking at their mama with the, " I adore you", shine in their baby eyes, I am caught time traveling. I remember. I tell my kids these stories....the stories of us. I remember when. And you know what? For maybe the first time that day, I have their full attention. Turns out, they enjoy time traveling too.

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